Montag, 18. Mai 2009


presentation done and the profs liked it! :) finally some time to relax and see the daylight. tomorrow and on wednesday will be the rest of the presentations, so far there have been some really cool projects, but also some horrible stuff ....:D. tomorow we will also go to the vernissage of the school of industrial design's exhibition in malmö, looking forward to that!
here a couple more renderings of my shared car interior....

Sonntag, 17. Mai 2009

a little teaser..

..the semester is nearly over now. tomorrow will be the last day in a week of all-day studio work. we've actually seen the sunrise when we left studio yesterday at 3.30. i think im pleased how my project turned out in the end, theres always so much more you could have done though.
im really looking forward to see all the presentations of my classmates on monday and tuesday.
good night, and good luck!

Montag, 4. Mai 2009

Sweden cares about their students...

today i was at a birthday party of a mexican friend in another block of sparta student housing. the party was lame, but the most interesting thing was this arne jacobsen lamp which we designer nerds spotted at the first moment. so the average student corridor is fitted with a 600€ designer lamp, and they not only have one, but two of them. thats ridiculous.

Sonntag, 3. Mai 2009

90's sittning

sittnings are a swedish, and as i heard yesterday, also a finish tradition.
you start your evening with a 3 course dinner at a student nation, of course in companion with some bottles of wines. afterwards theres a nightclub.
the sittning yesterday was actually the first one i went to, and it was a 90's theme party.
so everyone dressed up and we sang some of the stupidest songs of our "youth".
the club after the dinner was basically empty, but the music was great for once, and we really had a good time...

Freitag, 1. Mai 2009


from wiki: "In Sweden, Walpurgis (Swedish: Valborgsmässoafton or Valborg) is one of the de facto public holidays during the year. Sir James George Frazer in The Golden Bough writes that "The first of May is a great popular festival in the more midland and southern parts of Sweden. On the eve of the festival, huge bonfires, which should be lighted by striking two flints together, blaze on all the hills and knolls". The tradition which is most widespread throughout the country is probably singing songs of spring. Most of the songs are from the 19th century and were spread by students' spring festivities. The strongest and most traditional spring festivities are also found in the old university cities, like Uppsala and Lund where both current and graduated students gather at events that take up most of the day from early morning to late night on April 30, or "sista april" ("The last day of April") as it is called in Uppsala."

Helsingör & Louisiana Museum

the last week i was visited by my Dad, and we spend some nice days in and around lund.
here you can see some pics of the ferry ride from helsingborg to helsingör, and from the very beautiful louisiana modern art museum in denmark. the weather was just amazing the last couple of weeks, and its supposed to be that also the next month :) .