Montag, 16. März 2009

project update

ok here are some more pics from my project, this time some seats.
constructive ctiticism is appreciated! ;)

this blog is turning kind of into my project documentation now...i guess im just working too much.
no actually i have been doing some other stuff too.
right now my neighbour and classmate colleen has some friends from her college in usa visiting her. and my other friend krystals boyfriend is also here. so yesterday we had a "team america" dinner at our corridor at sparta with some home-made swedish food to welcome the visitors.
there were lots of meatballs(köttbullar), of course, but also some strange sausage/onion dish, baked potatoes, rice, and salad. i missed the chocolate cake dessert, though, as i was leaving early to play some soccer with my other corridor mate hamed at the nearby tunahallen.

today i met a swedish master student at studio, who told me that he is going to germany in april, to do an intership at puma in herzogenaurach, the world is so small :D .

this morning i woke up to the sound of rock music. at first i thought someone in my building had the stereo tuned up really loud, but then i realized that it was a live band playing classic rock songs. i wanted to check it out, but i was too late. at studio someone told me then that there was a rock band playing on top of karhuset, which is a university building near sparty, where i live!
swedish people are crazy...

Samstag, 14. März 2009

poker & spätzle


this last week has been pretty productive for me. there were no classes but the opportunity to join a workshop led by two guys from IDEO for the furniture fair in milano. at first i wanted to join this workshop, especially as one of the IDEO guys is a former HfG student. But then i didn't like the theme of the ws so much, and there were so many people attending that there were only groups of up to 6 or 7 students. so i decided to just take the free time to work a little bit more on my project and get back into rhino modelling, which i havent been doing in quite some time now.

on thursday i decided to try myself at some original "schwäbische kässpätzl" and i invited some friends over to join me. it was the first time for me that i tried making them, so i was quite worried that i would mess it up. i made everything up from scratch, the dough, the rosted onions, and the graded cheese. first of all, this is a huge mess and we spend like 1 hour cleaning all the stuff :D . but the spätzle actually turned out pretty well, they were tasty, looked about right and had a nice consistancy. and my friends liked them a lot and asked for the recipe! :)
we then spend the rest of the evening eating brownies while smoking shisha and watching one of the original star wars movies. sounds pretty good, right? ;)

yesterday i had a relaxed night as well, i went to spoletorp student housing to play poker!
we were about 20 people, and in the beginning i didnt know any of the other guys. there was only one girl, but she was actually quite good, she was still in the top 4 players when i left.
so there were some guys from spain, from iran, from germany, sweden and from the uk. i think one guy was from scotland and i didnt understand a word he was saying...
oh yeah and one guy from ireland, named patrick...hello cliché! (st.patricks day is coming up on tuesday!)
so as you can guess, i wasnt so lucky and didnt make it to the first 4, which got the price money. i made it to the second table, though, and i think i came out 7th, so it was ok for my first poker round since maybe a year. the winner took home 950kr, which is about 90€.

so now i will continue studying a bit more at studio and i will maybe go out tonight, but i dont know yet...

have a nice spring weekend!

Dienstag, 10. März 2009


today we had a fun time in malmö at the laserdome...
as we are poor students, we decided to go there at noon to get a cheaper price. we didn't consider that this is also the time where all the small kids can go play, so we found ourselves playing together with 25 ten-year-old swedish boys and girls...
sam and wes joined the green and colleen and me joined the red team. well, the greens kicked our ass pretty bad but it was still fun... . guess we're getting old now, no chance against these little buggers.
afterwards we had a nice lunch at some italian sandwich place, then we wasted some time in a music store trying out all the different instruments, as we had to take cover from the rain (electronic drumkits are pretty cool and work much better then the one of rockband!).
in the afternoon we checked out some design stores and the design museum of malmö, where the exhibition was actually closed due to renovation once again...

the rest of the week will be more project work i guess, and maybe a poker-night on friday! :)


Montag, 9. März 2009

project work #3

as i posted earlier, i will "only" design the interieur of my proposal for a shared car of the future.
there are several aspects which seem to be important, and which i want to include in my design:

- the interieur should be very easy to clean, yet not have a sterile or uncomfortable appeal

- the used material should give a feeling of high quality and sustainablility

- i am aiming for a very clean and calm look, somewhat inspired by cars of the 20's to the 50's. so of the time where the form was still very much defined by the available production technology

- the design should symbolise that its not a private car but sort of public

- the user will have the opportunity to personlize the appearance of the cockpit and the information will be stored on his access key, so everytime he enters a car of that community, he will find the same settings for the seat, steering wheel, user interface ....

i really would like to have a nice model in the end of the semester, which means that i have to make a cad model of the whole thing...hope this isn't to ambitious.
i will keep you updated!

some more project work

Hej again!

well first of all i decided to write something in english, as there seem to be some visitors from other countries than germany ( google analytics...;) ) and also for my erasmus colleages from all over the world.

sry that there have have been not so much updates lately, my mind was somewhere else the last days...

so due to common interest (hej jesse) i will post some more info about the main project which im working on this semester:

project theme

It is not a secret that the individual transport systems which we have today, will be changing massively during the next decades. Right now, the automotive industry is facing one of their biggest challenges ever due to the worldwide economic crisis.
Less and less people can afford to own a car, it is becoming a luxury item. In 2004, the AAA estimated the average annual cost of driving a new car at $8,431. That’s over $23 a day – everyday, whether you’re using your car or not. When you own a car, you can try to save money by driving less, but you pay for insurance, taxes, upkeep, and depreciation regardless of how much you drive. With car sharing, you only pay for the time you actually drive. Car sharing is still not that common today, as the sense of proprietary ownership is very strong today, and also for various other reasons. My goal in this project is to design a new kind of user eperience for the car sharing concept, and thereby reach new customers to make car sharing a real alternative to personal cars.

Car sharing obviously doesn‘t work that well with todays standard cars, so how should the shared car of the future look like?

and here are some slides from my documentation as jpgs...

Sonntag, 1. März 2009

some project work...

... still so much work to do...