Montag, 9. März 2009

some more project work

Hej again!

well first of all i decided to write something in english, as there seem to be some visitors from other countries than germany ( google analytics...;) ) and also for my erasmus colleages from all over the world.

sry that there have have been not so much updates lately, my mind was somewhere else the last days...

so due to common interest (hej jesse) i will post some more info about the main project which im working on this semester:

project theme

It is not a secret that the individual transport systems which we have today, will be changing massively during the next decades. Right now, the automotive industry is facing one of their biggest challenges ever due to the worldwide economic crisis.
Less and less people can afford to own a car, it is becoming a luxury item. In 2004, the AAA estimated the average annual cost of driving a new car at $8,431. That’s over $23 a day – everyday, whether you’re using your car or not. When you own a car, you can try to save money by driving less, but you pay for insurance, taxes, upkeep, and depreciation regardless of how much you drive. With car sharing, you only pay for the time you actually drive. Car sharing is still not that common today, as the sense of proprietary ownership is very strong today, and also for various other reasons. My goal in this project is to design a new kind of user eperience for the car sharing concept, and thereby reach new customers to make car sharing a real alternative to personal cars.

Car sharing obviously doesn‘t work that well with todays standard cars, so how should the shared car of the future look like?

and here are some slides from my documentation as jpgs...

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