Montag, 9. März 2009

project work #3

as i posted earlier, i will "only" design the interieur of my proposal for a shared car of the future.
there are several aspects which seem to be important, and which i want to include in my design:

- the interieur should be very easy to clean, yet not have a sterile or uncomfortable appeal

- the used material should give a feeling of high quality and sustainablility

- i am aiming for a very clean and calm look, somewhat inspired by cars of the 20's to the 50's. so of the time where the form was still very much defined by the available production technology

- the design should symbolise that its not a private car but sort of public

- the user will have the opportunity to personlize the appearance of the cockpit and the information will be stored on his access key, so everytime he enters a car of that community, he will find the same settings for the seat, steering wheel, user interface ....

i really would like to have a nice model in the end of the semester, which means that i have to make a cad model of the whole thing...hope this isn't to ambitious.
i will keep you updated!

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