Samstag, 14. März 2009

poker & spätzle


this last week has been pretty productive for me. there were no classes but the opportunity to join a workshop led by two guys from IDEO for the furniture fair in milano. at first i wanted to join this workshop, especially as one of the IDEO guys is a former HfG student. But then i didn't like the theme of the ws so much, and there were so many people attending that there were only groups of up to 6 or 7 students. so i decided to just take the free time to work a little bit more on my project and get back into rhino modelling, which i havent been doing in quite some time now.

on thursday i decided to try myself at some original "schwäbische kässpätzl" and i invited some friends over to join me. it was the first time for me that i tried making them, so i was quite worried that i would mess it up. i made everything up from scratch, the dough, the rosted onions, and the graded cheese. first of all, this is a huge mess and we spend like 1 hour cleaning all the stuff :D . but the spätzle actually turned out pretty well, they were tasty, looked about right and had a nice consistancy. and my friends liked them a lot and asked for the recipe! :)
we then spend the rest of the evening eating brownies while smoking shisha and watching one of the original star wars movies. sounds pretty good, right? ;)

yesterday i had a relaxed night as well, i went to spoletorp student housing to play poker!
we were about 20 people, and in the beginning i didnt know any of the other guys. there was only one girl, but she was actually quite good, she was still in the top 4 players when i left.
so there were some guys from spain, from iran, from germany, sweden and from the uk. i think one guy was from scotland and i didnt understand a word he was saying...
oh yeah and one guy from ireland, named patrick...hello cliché! (st.patricks day is coming up on tuesday!)
so as you can guess, i wasnt so lucky and didnt make it to the first 4, which got the price money. i made it to the second table, though, and i think i came out 7th, so it was ok for my first poker round since maybe a year. the winner took home 950kr, which is about 90€.

so now i will continue studying a bit more at studio and i will maybe go out tonight, but i dont know yet...

have a nice spring weekend!

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