Dienstag, 10. März 2009


today we had a fun time in malmö at the laserdome...
as we are poor students, we decided to go there at noon to get a cheaper price. we didn't consider that this is also the time where all the small kids can go play, so we found ourselves playing together with 25 ten-year-old swedish boys and girls...
sam and wes joined the green and colleen and me joined the red team. well, the greens kicked our ass pretty bad but it was still fun... . guess we're getting old now, no chance against these little buggers.
afterwards we had a nice lunch at some italian sandwich place, then we wasted some time in a music store trying out all the different instruments, as we had to take cover from the rain (electronic drumkits are pretty cool and work much better then the one of rockband!).
in the afternoon we checked out some design stores and the design museum of malmö, where the exhibition was actually closed due to renovation once again...

the rest of the week will be more project work i guess, and maybe a poker-night on friday! :)


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