Montag, 16. März 2009

project update

ok here are some more pics from my project, this time some seats.
constructive ctiticism is appreciated! ;)

this blog is turning kind of into my project documentation now...i guess im just working too much.
no actually i have been doing some other stuff too.
right now my neighbour and classmate colleen has some friends from her college in usa visiting her. and my other friend krystals boyfriend is also here. so yesterday we had a "team america" dinner at our corridor at sparta with some home-made swedish food to welcome the visitors.
there were lots of meatballs(köttbullar), of course, but also some strange sausage/onion dish, baked potatoes, rice, and salad. i missed the chocolate cake dessert, though, as i was leaving early to play some soccer with my other corridor mate hamed at the nearby tunahallen.

today i met a swedish master student at studio, who told me that he is going to germany in april, to do an intership at puma in herzogenaurach, the world is so small :D .

this morning i woke up to the sound of rock music. at first i thought someone in my building had the stereo tuned up really loud, but then i realized that it was a live band playing classic rock songs. i wanted to check it out, but i was too late. at studio someone told me then that there was a rock band playing on top of karhuset, which is a university building near sparty, where i live!
swedish people are crazy...

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